Good photography tells our story. Great photography resonates.

It’s not as simple as the image we see. It’s how the image makes us feel that is significant. Feelings come from within and it is my passion to use the camera as a tool to bring those emotions out and into the picture. Let your love be the ART on the walls of your home.

lacey sexson, intimate portrait photographer

I am passionate, strong (some have said “spicy”), and my own version of feminine. I am a work in progress and my 46 years have served me well in both the good times and bad.

 I believe strongly in the power of sisterhood, supporting one another, and solidarity. The significance of emotional and genuine connections is truly what makes us strong.

 From behind the camera to inside the frame, I believe in the power of photography. I am wildly passionate about supporting women in our journey wherever that path leads. One direction is solid and continuous… beautifully empowered. We are so much stronger than we think, but we are most definitely stronger together. 

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