Silent and Strong

There is absolutely no doubt that giving birth is one of, if not the hardest thing a woman will ever do, physically at least. Giving birth is empowering… whether it is unbelievably exhausting or relatively easy. Delivering life brings forward an understanding of the depths in which we can persevere, drive ourselves forward, endure. It is here that we understand our true magnificence, the glory of our body and the power of motherhood.

We are not the only ones learning these things. There is immense strength behind this Daddy’s silence. His hugs, his massage and his quiet, loving voice in Momma’s ear was so powerful and capable of calming her through the waves of labor. Together, this team brought their beautiful baby boy earthside and into their arms.

Thank you Nicole and Brian for inviting me to capture your magical birth.

Brians words to me:

“Lacey was the birth photographer for our home birth in 2022… she added so much to the experience. In addition to her being an expert photographer, she was a wealth of knowledge and provided peace and comfort to the household during the birth.”

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