Legacy Photography

Photos tell the story of our lives, they are hand held (often digitally held these days) memories to be cherished.  They can be emotional reminders of love and relationships and most important they are a tribute to everything that is important enough to capture.

These images will  be close to my heart and I will hold onto them,  just as I will cherish every memory I have with her.

I am honored to introduce Linda, my friend.  These are her Legacy photos that often I have had to beg her to capture.  It’s hard being in front of the camera and today it is hard for me to say, that from behind the camera all these years… I knew we were creating her lasting legacy portraits.  You see, Linda’s life journey came to an end this week.  And these have now become a tangible piece/peace  and memento of her legacy.  I will cherish these photos forever, just I as will cherish every memory I have with her.



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