Baby William’s Home Birth Story


There are healing powers in birth photography.


Labor, it’s not exactly what we can call a joyful time.  But, it’s powerful and its intensity resonates through the hearts, minds and even surrounding uteruses.


Photographers find the real beauty in its truest and purest form.  It’s there, it’s always there. Only the timing is bad for those actively involved and it gets lost in the chaos and shuffle.  Birth photography actually isn’t about the vagina.  I mean she’s there… obviously.  But, the “focus” is on the emotions, the powerful transformations, the intimate exchanges of love and support and the magic of our babies leaving one beautiful home for a whole new world.


Birth Photography captures all that is magical in every birth, wraps it in a beautiful bow and “delivers” a lifetime of everything present and underlying behind the pain, behind the chaos, and deeply rooted in the powerful journey into parenthood.  The images create a new Birth story from a different perspective.  A retrospective vision back that allows the opportunity to see the beauty and all the miracles of life.


This is Jordyn, Sam and Baby William’s birth story in magnificent images.  They had the beauty of a peaceful and self-empowered home birth with skillful support of a beautiful midwife and support staff with decades of experience ( Covenant Midwifery/Abundant Life Doula Services, Denise Kielpinski 505-450-9322) guiding women through birth services and into motherhood.


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