Sarah Love and The Pink Bus

Meet Sarah Love, one of the kindest, most giving people I have ever met.  To call her LOVE seems so very, magically appropriate.


This is her and her, “Pink Bus”.


In her own words…

“Finding the right bus was a practice of patience. I had been searching, and saving for a few years.


When a friend tipped me to a bus that had been sitting for years, I knocked on their front door and asked if they would consider selling it. When they told me the amount, I responded quickly: SOLD.


A serendipitous moment, for it was exactly (to the penny) what I had saved. Maybe in those years I was saving money, it was waiting for me to save it?


I borrowed $50 to have it towed home. I gutted the entire bus, stripped it down, and built it back up. A life lesson of sorts could be told in how this can directly relate to creating a new life. It’s not done yet. In some ways, I see the parallel to still learning. There is still room for growth as human beings.


Expanding my non profit organization keeps calling to my heart. The Pink Bus has been a true journey of frustrations, I’ll be honest. As the breakdowns get old, the patience threshold climbs higher. It’s not just an old bus. It’s a vessel of joy, a source of food for families in need, it’s a lifeline.


It might be my bus, but I don’t completely see it that way. It’s our bus. It takes an entire community of mechanics, VW fanatics, and humanitarians to keep this going places. There is no ‘I’ in bus, there’s is ‘US.’


The Pink Bus

‘Rollin to the curb, to stop hunger.’



Sarah rescued this bus in 2017 and put her back to her precious lustre’ and function. She built this beautiful bus with own sweet little hands and heart. A labor of LOVE, literally.


Out of this, she runs “The Pink Bus “as a non-profit charity serving meals and essential items to the families in need in Albuquerque since 2017. Donations are always welcomed.  You can find her on Instagram @thepinkbus and Venmo: @thepinkbus



I met Sarah very soon after I moved to New Mexico, when I applied to serve as a volunteer pro-photographer for, ‘Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep.”  This non profit serves our community in giving the gift of remembrance photography to families in their darkest hours, we hope this small gesture leaves comfort and peace.  You see, Sarah serves our community here as well for nearly 12 years.  She is now the Area Coordinator for the non-profit. She leads her team with heart and LOVE.


Getting to know her, laugh with her and learn from her has been one of the brightest ray of hope for me here in this new place.  I am humbled to call her my friend.


Sarah’s unwavering and unselfish concern and devotion to the welfare of others is truly the purest form of altruism.


Thank you with heartfelt gratitude.


“Here’s to strong women.  May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.”


Sarah Love:

Gown: @reclamationdesigncompany #reclamationdesigncompany #bohogoddess

Styled by: Lacey

Florals: @laflora.floristry

Non-profits: @thepinkbus  @nowilaymedowntosleep

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