Motherhood is a Super-power

I don’t think there is really anything that can prepare a woman for her personal journey into Motherhood either physically or emotionally.  We are all so unique in who we are and our life experiences.  We have our own expectations of what it means and who we will become and then there is the reality vs. those expectations.  Breastfeeding is certainly is no exception to this.  Like everything, some things come easy to some and not so much for others.  I am in the camp that,  “Fed is best” and breastfeeding does not make or break our Motherhood Super-power.

However, I realize the significant challenges and accomplishments that come with the moments of breastfeeding.  It’s for these reasons I truly want to highlight the women who find their way through this beautiful path and celebrate it’s monumental success.

Creating images of this sometimes, “Brutally Beautiful,” experience gives this intimate bond a chance to shine.

With hope, captured in a way that frames the life experience magically.

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