Why Breastfeeding Photography

I am an intimate portrait photographer. I love capturing true and honest beauty in ways that honor women. We are so incredible in so many incredible ways. As I Mom of three, some of my life’s biggest regrets now is not knowing then how precious those fleeting moments were. In the midst of having three children in a row (18 months and 17 months apart respectively), I was full on consumed with performing my Wife/Motherhood role. I barely took a moment to breathe let alone give thought to the magnitude of what was evolving and the real life beauty of the chaos. So, I have made it my mission to help families capture theirs in way that allows them to sit back someday and appreciate them. It is impossible to see the picture when you are inside the frame, so to speak.

The “nursing selfie” is what sparked this idea for me. Having been that Mom, feeling the magnitude of overwhelming love and connection and being so desperate to capture it, I would hold my cheap little flip phone up and snap images of us in the wee hours. Imagine me, always wrecked but, so madly and deeply in love trying to make art. I always felt I looked so horrendous that I deleted them all. And now, it’s over and I long for images to warm my heart and memory of those precious crazy days.

So, I offer these to women who have the forethought to know what they will someday desire. Have a peak at one of these special sessions.

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