Class of 2020 Quaran-Teens

Dear Senior Class of 2020,
If this is all a big senior prank, you have most certainly outdone yourselves to erase the entire final term of school… for the World. JK

Jokes aside, your Senior Year experience is legendary. I wish I could reach out and hug you all. Amidst all the unplanned things going on and the chaos of the unknown, you are not forgotten.

You are in a very remarkable position to pave your own way as we “flatten the curve” together, and when we reach the other side (and we will), you can show us how this Corona-Covid taught you to be flexible. Show us how you bend and have not been broken. I look forward to your glory.

In the meantime, support each other in this new virtual world and show all of us old-timers how it’s done.

I’m here for you now and later,

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