The “Naked Truth”

What is Boudoir and Why?

The Naked Truth, my version.  In our lifetime everyone has heard that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  What we don’t hear, is that when the “beholder” is ourselves, that beauty shines from the inside out and radiates. The more we see it in ourselves, the brighter others see it beaming from within.

The term, “Boudoir” is a French word for a woman’s personal space.  A place she feels most comfortable; dressed partially or not.  Most importantly though, a private setting to just simply be… beautifully, naturally, peacefully present in our own skin.  I aim to bring this element of self-love and the discovery of our own intimate beauty.  Sometimes, it is difficult to really see a picture when we are inside the frame looking out.  I capture your Naked Truth and make it tangible for you to hold, and appreciate from outside the perfect frame.  This style of photography can be very elegant, ageless and timeless. But, most importantly and significant is its ability to empower self love and redefine our own perspective and vision of ourselves.


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