Moving away and moving on…

Well, it has happened.  All the wild and crazy shenanigans of an international move from one side of the globe to another.  I couldn’t leave the Middle East without having our very own Desert Session to memorialize eight years living abroad.  With a huge thank you to , for meeting us in the sand and capturing all my favorite details for every other family I have captured through the years.  It has been just over three months since we left and I need to be honest about my feelings looking back through these gorgeous images of our family.  Heartfelt, emotional, joyful and sad.  Living amongst a wholesome and wonderful circle of friends, all of us knowing our days are always limited as expatriates,  it was hard to imagine the earthquake my heart was about to experience.

It’s like pulling a plug on one life and dragging the cord into another.  Only the plug doesn’t exactly fit.  It feels a bit like pulling off the bandage fast so to speak, only clueless that the pain is actually on the other side.  This is what I have learned.  Living and loving one life and exploding into another doesn’t insure continuity of feelings.  In fact, it propels a sudden, impactful stop.  It feels like that whirlpool of fun we used to have as children, going around and around together in water as it gains momentum and then you realize you need to out, but the spinning doesn’t stop.  And once you finally drag yourself out, you are dizzy and exhausted.  Yep. Here I am on the outside of what was fast moving and busy and into something totally new, unfamiliar and equally spinning.

So many of you know me well enough to understand that I am a very emotional photographer.  I have captured so much love, intense connections, unforgettable moments, some moments so incredibly emotional we are all in tears.  And this is who I am as a person and I am so magically grateful for every friend I have made over the years.  I have been taking some time to stop the spinning.  But, I am ready to start again soon.  The whirlpool is waiting and my heart is ready to dive into our new life in this new place with my new business, Lacey Sexson Photography.


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